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Single-phase control smart meter costs six major functions

Release Date:[2016-01-15]     Browse:3778

Single-phase charge control smart meter smart terminal smart grid, meter it is not in the traditional sense, single-phase charge-controlled intelligent energy meter meter addition to the traditional basic electricity metering function outside, in order to meet the smart grid and new energy It also has the use of two-way multiple rate measurement functions, client control, two-way data communication capabilities of a variety of data transmission modes, anti-theft features such as intelligent features, smart meters represent the future of energy-efficient smart grid end-users the development direction of intelligent terminal.

Single-phase smart meter costs control meter category is growing rapidly, traditional smart meter IC card users who buy electricity payment to the electricity sector, power sector with the sale of electric power management unit will buy into the IC card, the user holds the IC card induction zone brush non-contact IC card (referred to credit card, the same below), you can switch on the power supply, power supply after the card away. When the remaining charge in the table is equal to alarm power, wind up power failure alarm (or buzzer), then the user can swipe the sensor area to restore power; when the remaining charge is zero, automatic wind up its power, you must payment card purchase again before they can restore electricity. The new smart meters have been achieved bank and network power, users can purchase the company's business through the power window, cooperative banks, third-party agencies and outlets electric network, which greatly facilitates the users.

Single-phase charge control the main functions of smart meters
1. Pre-paid functions: the electricity in advance, when the remaining charge is zero wind up its power automatically.
2. wind up closing way: enclosing switch and external control electrical switch attached two specifications.
3, the memory function: power outages table data can be stored for 10 years.
4, display: dual-display, counters and cumulative power consumption display, LED display shows the remaining charge and other information.
5, can be detected in the ordinary flow meter can not detect (e.g., sockets, wiring boards, etc.). Accurate billing.
6, intelligent price patterns can be too smart price for electricity users, in order to achieve the effect of energy conservation.

Single-phase charge control smart meter main technical indicators
1, using the AD7755 chip, stable and accurate, and reliable performance
2. Accuracy: 1.0, in line with GB / T17215-1998, IEC1036-1996
3, the current specification: 5 (20) A, 5 (30) A, 10 (40) A, 20 (80) A
4, rated voltage: AC220V
5, rated frequency: 50Hz
6, the starting current: 0.4% Ib
7, power consumption: ≤1W
8, the Environmental Working conditions: -20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃, relative humidity less than 85% (temperature + 25 ℃)
9, anti-electromagnetic interference ability, can be run under harsh power environment
10, strengthening process control, unique technology ensure high reliability design