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  • product name : ZW32-12/630-20 Vacuum Circuit Breaker (Electric Intelligent Band Controller)
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Detailed Instruction

ZW32-12 with PT with watchdog permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker structural features

1. Circuit breaker with three-phase pillar structure, with breaking performance stable and reliable, no combustion risk, maintenance-free, small size, light weight and long life and so on.

2. Circuit breaker with a fully enclosed structure, good sealing performance, help to improve the moisture, anti-condensation performance, especially for cold or wet areas.

3. Three-phase pillar and current transformer using imported outdoor epoxy resin solid insulation, or the use of indoor epoxy resin silicone rubber solid insulation; with high and low temperature resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light, anti-aging characteristics.

4. The operating mechanism adopts the miniature spring operating mechanism, the energy of the energy storage motor is small and the energy consumption of the sub-closing is low. The transmission of the mechanism is carried out by means of real transmission, the number of parts is small and the reliability is high. The operating mechanism is placed in the sealed mechanism box, which solves the problem of corrosion of the operating mechanism and improves the reliability of the mechanism.

5. Circuit breaker of the sub-closing operation can be used manual or electric operation and remote remote control operation. With the intelligent controller supporting the realization of power distribution automation, can also be combined with the composition of the controller with automatic recloser, segmentation device.

6. The circuit breaker can be equipped with two-phase or three-phase current transformer for overcurrent or short circuit protection, can also provide the intelligent controller to collect current signal; according to user requirements can be installed metering current transformer.

7. The circuit breaker can be connected with three-phase disconnector, in the disconnector sub-gate state has obvious visible fracture, and with the circuit breaker between the anti-error interlock device, only in the isolation knife completely closed or completely The circuit breaker can be operated when the gate is opened. Can be equipped with arrester pillar insulators, easy maintenance.

ZW32-12 with PT with watchdog permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker use conditions

1. Ambient air temperature: upper limit +40 degrees, lower limit of -40 degrees.

2. Elevation: ≤2000m.

3. Wind pressure: no more than 700Pa.

4. Seismic intensity: no more than 8 degrees.

5. Contamination level: Ⅳ level.

6. Day temperature difference: not more than 25 degrees.

7. Relative humidity: daily average of not more than 95%, the average is not greater than 90%.

8. No flammable, explosive hazard, chemical corrosion and severe vibration of the place.

ZW32-12 with PT with watchdog permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker structure and working principle

1 circuit breaker overall use of small design, the use of fully enclosed structure. The spring operating mechanism is sealed inside the box.

2 circuit breaker body is mainly composed of conductor circuit, transmission system, insulation system and other components. (see picture 1)

2.1 conductive circuit mainly by the inlet and outlet conductive rod, conductive bracket, vacuum interrupter and other components, vacuum interrupter is the main components of the circuit breaker, the use of ceramic shell, cup longitudinal magnetic field contact structure, copper and chromium contact material, with Good breaking and closing short-circuit current capability, long electrical life. To avoid the oil, inflated a series of problems.

2.2 transmission system mainly by the three-phase spindle, insulation rod, arm, contact spring and sub-gate spring and other components.

2.3 circuit breaker can be equipped with two-phase current transformer, according to user needs can be installed 50 / 5,100 / 5,150 / 5,200 / 5,400 / 5,630 / 5 and other specifications.

3 circuit breaker operating mechanism by the closing spring, energy storage system, over-current release, sub-closing system and other components, can be divided into two manual electric operation.

3.1 manual operation with manual energy storage, manual points, closing and overcurrent protection, such as the user needs to install the surge current delay protection, that is, with over-current delay protection.

3.2 electric operating mechanism shall be powered by an independent power supply, in addition to electric energy storage, electric points, closing and over-current protection, but also has a manual energy storage, manual closing and over-current protection. If the user needs to install the surge current delay protection device, that is, with over-current delay protection.

4 circuit breaker can also be equipped with intelligent switching controller, with three-stage current protection, zero sequence protection reclosing. Quick protection and other protection functions. It supports a variety of communication protocols, allowing the use of a variety of communication methods constitute a communication network, you can switch the local manual or remote operation, but also through the communication network to achieve remote control. Such as with the corresponding overlap or sub-control device, can be used as a recloser or splitter.

5 circuit breaker installation method using column mounted on the seat.

ZW32-12 permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker working principle

1 operating mechanism working principle

2 energy storage process

Pull the body to manually store the pull ring, or to the mechanism of electric energy storage signal, the motor drive energy storage arm to the storage spring energy storage, through the energy storage link to maintain this energy.

3 closing process

When closing, pull the body manually closing the pull ring or to the mechanism of electric closing signal, closing the spring energy release, the body output shaft rotation, through the arm, the bar to drive the arc chamber moving contact upward movement, and the static contact Contact, and provide contact pressure, while the sub-gate spring energy storage, through the closure of the body to keep the link normally to keep the circuit breaker closed state.

4 sub-gate process

When the gate is opened, the pulling mechanism is manually opened or the mechanism is electrically opened. The closing of the mechanism is carried out. If the contact pressure spring and the sub-gate spring are used, the mechanism output shaft is rotated in the reverse direction. Bar, arm driven arc chamber contact downward movement, static and dynamic contact separation, circuit breaker sub-gate. The opening condition is maintained by the switch opening spring.

5 overcurrent protection process

When the circuit current flowing through the main circuit of the circuit breaker exceeds the transformer rated value, 5A current is output through the secondary side of the transformer, the overcurrent release device in the drive mechanism and the circuit breaker are opened.

6 delay protector

Can be closed in the circuit breaker to avoid inrush current on the circuit breaker malfunction, to ensure that the circuit breaker when the surge in the case of inrush current delay 0 ~ 1.8s (adjustable) does not trip, and in normal work State, accurately determine the breaking and closing of the working state and whether there is a large current fault, but also to ensure reliable operation of the trip part. Circuit breaker in the event of short circuit protection trip, the delay protector self-recovery. Inrush current delay protection wiring diagram see annex drawings.

ZW32-12 / 630-20 vacuum circuit breaker installation and maintenance

1 pre-installation check

To ensure safe and reliable operation of the circuit breaker, a thorough inspection must be carried out before installation.

1.1 After the removal of the package, first check the appearance of the circuit breaker, such as conductive rod insulation layer is intact, with or without cracks and other defects, the shell surface, whether due to transport causes damage, nameplate data and order requirements are consistent.

1.2 Check whether the supplied accessories, spare parts and files are complete.

1.3 manual test operation 5 to 10 times, check the operation of the circuit breaker operating performance, should be able to point, and flexible, "points", "together" and "energy storage" instructions correct.

1.4 on the circuit breaker main circuit with the pole between the inter-phase and the relative part of the 42KV / 1min power frequency withstand voltage test.

ZW32-12 vacuum circuit breaker installation

2.1 In accordance with the installation size of the circuit breaker and power engineering requirements of the production of fixed bracket, and the circuit breaker firmly fixed on the bracket. The installation dimensions and dimensions of the circuit breaker are shown in Fig. 4 and Fig.

2.2 Connecting the wire terminals and the bolts of the terminals of the circuit breaker should be tightened to ensure good contact.

2.3 The control circuit is connected correctly by line diagram.

ZW32-12 vacuum circuit breaker used

3.1 circuit breaker with manual operation mechanism, pull the energy storage handle, repeated operation 7 to 8 times, energy storage is completed, pull the closing handle that is to close the opening, pull the sub-gate, that is, to achieve sub-gate.

3.2 circuit breaker with electric operating mechanism, the motor power supply, that is, by the motor energy storage, energy storage can be completed after the closing button or pull the closing pull ring, that is, closing; opening, the opening Button or pull the sub-gate that is to achieve sub-gate.

3.3 Combined circuit breakers shall operate as follows:

A. When opening, first break the circuit breaker, and then break off the touch knife, then the circuit breaker in the interlock device restrictions, can not be closed;

B. When closing, you must first close the touch knife closing in place, then interlock device release, and then close the circuit breaker.

ZW32-12 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker packaging, transportation and storage

1 package

The packaging of this product is in the form of wooden box, and the following random documents and accessories should be included in the box.

A certificate of product qualification

B. Installation instructions 1 copy

C. Inspection report 1 copy

D. Product wiring diagram and the second schematic diagram 1 copies

E. Packing list 1 copy

F. Spare parts (by order contract)

1.2 The box surface should be marked with "care", "moisture", "up" and "hoisting position".

2 transport

Products in the transport and handling, shall not flip, inverted, not strong vibration and collision.

3 storage

The product shall be stored in an indoor or shaded warehouse and shall not be subject to erosion of water vapor and harmful gases and shall be checked regularly. The product storage period shall not be less than 15 years.

4 circuit breakers should be in the sub-gate during packaging, transport and storage.

Ordering instructions

1 should specify the product model, name, rated voltage, rated current and short circuit breaking current, should indicate the current transformer current ratio and the use of occasions, and indicate the operating mechanism and type (electric or manual) and need Current delay protection or not.

2 orders should indicate the number of orders, spare parts should also be explained.