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  • product name : GN19-12/630 Indoor Isolating Switch
  • product brand : LBAJI
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
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Detailed Instruction
One of the GN19-12C / 400,630,1000, 1250, 2000 as a pillar insulator, one as a porcelain casing insulator) three parallel installation, the conductive part of the touch knife, static contact, contact (or conductive rod) composition. Each side of the touch knife are connected with a rod insulator, rod insulator and installed in the chassis on the spindle connected. The spindle is connected to the connecting rod (user-supplied) and CS6-1 (T) type operating mechanism through the handle, and the operating mechanism is connected with the connecting rod to the auxiliary switch. The conductive part is mainly composed of the touch knife and the static contact, the static contact is mounted on the pillar insulator at both ends, and each phase is composed of two pieces of slotted picture, which not only increases the heat dissipation area, And improve the mechanical strength of the touch knife, so that the stability of the switch to improve the touch knife at one end through the shaft pin (bolt) installed in the static contact, the touch of the other end of the touch knife and static contact can be sub-connected, and The touch blade contact pressure is maintained by both ends of the contact spring. Chassis assembly: by the chassis spindle, limit plate (stop) composition, the limit plate is mainly used to ensure that the conductive touch knife "points" "together" to get the required end position. 5, installation and adjustment 5.1 Preparation before installation 5.1.1 open the box to check whether the product and accessories are complete, the product in the transport custody process with or without damage 5.1.2 remove the product of dust, dirt, carefully wipe the insulator and bottom On the ground part of the ground and the surface 5.1.3 in all mechanical wipes coated with industrial Vaseline oil 5.2 isolation switch and hand mechanism can be vertical, horizontal or tilt installed in the switchgear or wall. 5.3 isolation switch installation height is generally 2.5-6 meters (isolation switch shaft to the ground distance) the installation of the body position, the handle fulcrum to the ground distance of 1-1.3 meters. 5.4 After installation CS6-1 hand mechanism handle shaft angle should be with the GN19-10C disconnector when the angle of rotation of the spindle to match the adjustment process in the following manner. A, connecting the disconnector and the hand mechanism of the connecting rod by the connecting piece and 3/4 gas pipe (user-owned) composition. The ends of the rod are connected to the connecting piece, and the length of the connecting rod can be adjusted by the bolt at one end. The length of the pipe is determined by the position of the hand mechanism and the disconnector. If the output arm of the hand mechanism is not in the same plane as the arm on the disconnector spindle, the connecting rod can be bent so that the switch can be properly connected to the mechanism, and the length of the bolt can be adjusted. B, according to the adjustment requirements to determine the initial angle of the disconnector spindle shaft and then drill into the positioning pin, fixed arm. C, CS6-1 hand mechanism from the closing to the opening position and isolation switch stop and start the end of the position can be adapted through the hand mechanism in the fan-shaped plate to adjust the different connection holes. 5.5 Isolation switch adjustment after 3-5 times operation, does not allow the stuck or other obstacles to its action is not normal. 5.6 Operation When the handle of the hand mechanism is up, the disconnector should be in the closed position and the handle should be in the open position. In the disengaged position, the mechanism locating pin should reliably lock the handle to avoid malfunction. 5.7 isolation switch after opening the same pole with the shortest distance of not less than 150mm. 5.8 in the auxiliary switch action does not meet the requirements, you can adjust the position of the hole on the boom, so that the auxiliary switch contact accurately closed. Even if the hand mechanism to reach the sub-gate position, the auxiliary switch of the often contact should be in the closed position. 5.9 The auxiliary switch indicates that the signal of the disconnector opening should be given by the 75% of all the strokes of the disconnector, and the signal indicating the position of the disengagement switch should be in contact with the contact blade of the disconnector Given. 5.10 ground contact must be good, grounding circuit resistance shall not exceed 3 ohms. 5.11 The terminals must be in good contact with the bus connection and are secure and reliable to avoid the mechanical stress from the busbar. 5.12 fixed isolation on the wall of the screw insertion depth should not be less than the following provisions: brick wall 90mm cement 75mm5.13 touch knife and static contact contact should be good, the pressure spring contact surface of the normal pressure should reach 392 ± 39 .5.14 shape and installation dimensions see Figure 6, use and maintenance 6.1 isolation switch must be in the line and the power is cut off when the case is not charged before the maintenance 6.2 isolation switch after opening, must be attached to the mechanism of the plug inserted The holes in the base are locked to ensure absolute safety. 6.3 repair the contact of the burning loss, remove the dirt, especially the conductive contact part and the insulator surface, after the inspection on the contact surface coated with a layer of industrial Vaseline. 6.4 Check that the fastener connection is secure and check that the grounding section is good. (Do not allow the grounding bolt loose and contact with rust) 6.5 check the contact, touch the knife has serious damage and pressure spring residual deformation of those who need to be replaced before use. 6.6 After all overhaul and installation must be completed after several sub-closing test, if the defect still need to be re-adjusted until normal, before put into operation. 6.7 in the body of friction parts, coated with industrial Vaseline. 7, Ordering Information 7.1 Ordering Note: product model, rated voltage, rated current and manual models. 7.2 isolation switch and hand mechanism supporting the supply, according to user requirements can also be a separate supply.