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  • product name : GN19-12/630 (with panel) Indoor Isolation Switch
  • product brand : LBAJI
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
  • E-mail : sales@labji.com
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Detailed Instruction

GN19-12 series of indoor high voltage isolation switch

· Overview

GN19-12 series indoor high voltage isolation switch system for high voltage switchgear, for rated voltage 12KV, AC 50Hz and below power system, equipped with CS6-1 type of human operation, as a voltage without the case of the load, Points, combined with the circuit, there are derivative products, anti-fouling, plateau and the installation of live display devices.

· Use of environmental conditions

· No more than 1000m above sea level;

· Ambient air temperature: -25oC ~ + 40oC;

· Relative humidity of the surrounding environment: daily average of not more than 95% monthly average of not more than 90%;

· Earthquake crack does not exceed 8 degrees;

· Installation site: no fire, flammable, explosive. Serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration places.

· Switch model and meaning

·The main technical parameters

Model Rated voltage (KV) Rated voltage (V) 4 seconds Thermal stability current (KA) Dynamic stability current (KA)

GN19-12 (C) 400-12.5 12 400 12.5 31.5

GN19-12 (C) 630-20 630 20 50

GN19-12 (C) 1000-31.5 1000 31.5 80

GN19-12 (C) 1250-40 1250 40 100