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  • product name : DDSF1531 Single-phase electronic multi-tariff watt-hour meters
  • product brand : LBAJI
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
  • E-mail : sales@labji.com
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Detailed Instruction


DDSF1531 series single-phase electronic multi-tariff watt-hour meteris for measuring active energy of sing lephase 22DV and 50Hz. it adopts the latest MPU tech-nology and digita lenergy measurement chip of high accuracy and wide range, it has many features such as high accuracy. wide range. high stability. low power con sumption and graceful appearance. Because LCD or LED and milit ary components are used, it is characterized with long service life. free maintenance and convenient meter reading . It can measure positively and negatiovely . and has ability of anti-elect ricity theft and output pulse, to take convenience for detecting . It is the first selection product for implementing national time­sharing electricity price policy

Produce Specification

Reference Voltage Reference frequency Accuracy grade Basic current(max current)

220V 、 240V

50Hz、 60 Hz

1 W, 2 W

1.5(6)A ,2.5(10)A ,5 (20)A,10(40)A
15( 16)A ,20 (80)A, 5 (30)A, 10(60)A

Main Technical data

  1. 1 .Executive standard:GB/T 17215.321-2008, DL/T 645-1 997 and GB/T 17215-2002/I EC 61036:2000.
  2. 2 .Power consumption :less than 2w(1OVA)
  3. 3 .Display function: can program and set the contents of alternat on display, it doesn ' t display when power is off.
  4. 4 .Time-sh aringt ariff: measure eletric energy with three tari ffs: peak, level , off-peak and Slime intervals.
  5. 5 .Communication:support infrared communication meter reading, RS485 communication meter reading(selectable) .
  6. 6 .Clock accuracy: it is not more than 0.5s/d(23'C).
  7. 7 .Quiescent working current(no commercial power) :<10 µ A.
  8. 8 .Battery:3.6V,12Ah, reliable service time is more than 75,000h ours.
  9. 9 .Day of meter reading: decide any day and any tim e, store electricit for 12months.
  10. 10 .Typical load day; decide any day.
  11. 11 .Specified working temperature:-25'C-55'C Utmost working temperature:-25°C-60°C
  12. Outline & installation size