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  • product name : DTS1531,DSS1531 Three-phase Electronic Watt-hour Meters
  • product brand : LBAJI
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
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Detailed Instruction


DTS1531 and DSS1531series three-phase electronic watt-hour meteris used for measuring electric energy at three-phase four-w ire system and three-phase three-wire sy stem, it adopts digital electric energy measurement chip of high accuracy andwiderange,has obv ious features like reasonable structure, stable performance ,high reliability, low consumption , long service life,free maintenance and so on, besides, it provides pulse output to take convenienoe for detecting.

Produce Specification


Reference voltage

Basic current(max current)

DTS153 1


3*1 .5(6)A 3*3(6)A


3*1 .5(6 )A 3*3(6)A 3*5(2 0 )A 3*10(40)A 3*1 5(6 0 )A 3*20 (80)A 3*30 ( 100 )A



3*1 .5(6)A 3*3(6)A


3*1 .5(6 )A 3*(6 )A 3*5 (20 )A 3*10(40 )A 3*15(60)A 3*20 (80 )A 3*30(100 )A

Main Technical data

1 . Executive standard: GB/T 17215.321-2008/IEC 61036:2000 and GB/T17882-1999

2 . Class index:class 1 and class 2

3 . Power consumption:<2w(10VA)

4 . Reference frequency:50Hz

5 . Needn't to be corrected after working a long time.

6 . Suppped with three-phase power, any one phase or two phases fail, the watt-hour meter still works normally;

7 . Goodtemperature performance: the error shall not exceed accuracy range within the temperature range-25"C-55"C;

8. Good light-load performance: the instrument has fine accuracy class at ultra-light load;

9 . High accuracy of actual online measuring;

10 . Simple installation and operation;the installation position can ' t be affected by anything;

11 . Strong ability of transportation resistance:the instrument can' t cause the change of error under kinds of normal transportation conditions, user needn ' t adjust it after openingthe box.

Normal working conditions and installation conditions

1 .Specified working temperature:-1O"C-+45"C ;

2 .Utmost working temperature:-25"C-+60"C ;

3 .Relative humidity :<85%(at environmental temperature2 3"C)

4 .There shall be no harmful substances causing corrosion in the air

Outline & installation size