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  • product name : DTSD1531,DSSD1531 Three-phase electronic multi-function watt-hour meters
  • product brand : LBAJI
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
  • E-mail : sales@labji.com
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Detailed Instruction


DTSD1531 and DSSD1531 series three-phase electronic multi-function watt-hourmeter is a new generation product that can measure reactive energy and active energy with multi-tariff ,it is designed by modularization, it's multifunctions can be combined freely to meet users requirements Each performance index of it conforms to standand DL/T 6 14-1997 Multifunctional Watt-hour Meter and standard DL/T 645-1997 Multl-function Watt-hour Meters Communication Protocol as well as total technical requirements for three-phase electronic multi-function watt-hour meters stipulated in standard GB/T 17 2 15 3 21- 200// IEC 6 1036

Produce Specification

Spec. Name


Rated voltage

Basic current

Class index

Three-phase Three-wire


3 * 100

3 * 1(2) ,3 * 1.5(6) ,3*5

Active energy:0 .5/ 1 Reactive energy:2

3 * 380

Three-phase four-wire


3 * 220/380

3 * 1.5( 6) ,3*10(40) ,3*20(80), 3*30( 100)

3 x 57.7/ 100

Main Technical data

1 . Class index : active energy:

class 0.5s, 1, reactive energy: class 2

2 . Clock error:≤0.5s/day :

3 . Reference temperature:23'C:

4 . Data protection:data stored time after power off: ≥.10years;

5 . Environment condions:specified working temperature:-20'C~45'C:

Utmost working temperature:-25'C~55'C

Relative humidtly:≤85%(at environment temperature 23'C).

Main funtions

1 . Measurement function

Can measure active energy and reactive energy respectivety

2 . Multi-tariff function

a. Four tariffs,ten time intervals
b. Calendar for acentury(1996-2095) can switch automatically
c. Record and store the total active energy and reactive energy and active energy and reactive energy under kinds of tarifs

3 . Demand statistics

a. Record active max demand and its occurring time
b. Demand statistics adopts slip method
c. Max demand is stored as per month
d. Automatically alarm and trip for overload

4 . Record voltage loss
a. Record 9 voltage loss and information of power failure,also,can record their initial and restoring time.
b. Record total active energy and reactive energy of no voltage loss phase

5 . Programming and meter reading
a. Rs485 communication interface
b. The programming and meter reading are performed by RS485 communication interface , infrared communication interface and plam computer,also it can perform meter reading through remote controller and alternation disaying.

6 . Meter reading at zero o' clock

a. The setting day for meter reading 1st-28th of every month, the meter can calculate and store the data in the last month at zero oclock of setting day
b. Can store and display calculated data for past three months at the same time

7 . Meter reading at power off

The meter is provided with individual meter reading batteries,so it can finish meter reading at power off

Outline & installation size